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How to Personalize Your Apple Watch

Apple's success mantra has always been to strive for simplicity in design while offering a robust set of functionality. The Apple Watch is pretty much an embodiment of the same philosophy.

It doesn't matter if you own the newly launched Apple Watch Nike+ edition or the standard variant - they can all be dressed based on your mood or occasion by switching the bands.

Doing this is remarkably easy and you should finish up within minutes. Here’s a step by step guide: 

Removing the Apple Watch Band 

Your Apple Watch bands can be changed in three simple steps:

  1. Pick a clean surface and safely place your Apple Watch face first. You could also use a piece of cloth as an added cushion if you're worried about the surface grinding with the face of the watch. 
  2. You will be able to locate two buttons on the rear side of the watch. These buttons are strategically placed right at the top and bottom of the watch body. They are known as 'release buttons'. 
  3. Press and hold each of these buttons as you slide out the respective bands that they function with. You may choose to slide out the bands in both directions and in any order. 

Installing the Apple Watch Band

Bands can be replaced with either a new Apple Watch band or an adapter. Inserting a new band is as easy as the removal process. You would only need to repeat the process in a bottom-up order. But it’s imperative that you pay attention to the firmness and fit of the bands once you’re done.

Never wear a watch if you’re unsure about the rigidity of the bands. If you don’t hear that little ‘click’ at the end of the insertion process, there’s every chance for one of those bands to come off unexpectedly during usage. 

Why Buy an Apple Watch Adapter and How Does It Work? 

While loyalists will always vouch for bands produced by Apple, a large number of consumers often find grass greener on the other side. There are tons of regular watch bands on the market.

An Apple Watch adapter basically allows you to and install these bands and straps from third party manufacturers by linking the pin style of the band to the watch body. In essence, an adapter serves as a bridge between a third party band and the Apple Watch. 

Steps to install an adapter:

  1. You will require two things - a screwdriver and an Apple Watch compatible adapter that you can buy straight from the market. 
  2. These adapters usually involve two pieces that slide into each other. They will replace the tension pins that are found in Apple’s own collection of bands. 
  3. Once they are in place along with your strap, just screw them into the main body. 

In A Nutshell

Who knew that you could change bands like you could change clothes? A switch between bands takes less than two minutes, while mounting an adapter on your Apple Watch should take you a little under ten.

You truly don’t have to compromise on functionality just to look right for each occasion anymore! 

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